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Performance Consulting

Through dialogue with our clients, we help you identify specific business needs and performance issues.  Once these needs and issues are articulated and improvement targets are established, we suggest and implement various interventions to help close performance gaps and reach business goals.  If a service is identified that our associates cannot provide, we can also help you identify other appropriate resources.

Strategic Planning, Management Planning, Personal Planning

Strategic planning does not have to mean a dusty binder on a shelf. Whether at the organizational level, the team level, or the individual level, we help you define what you want, what you need, where you need to go and how you can get there.  We then help you take the steps that will make it most likely that you'll achieve your goals.

Organization and Culture Assessment

Using Organization Architect® tools, we can help organizations align strategic vision and goals with the organizational, team and individual actions necessary to ensure success.  This process helps an organization understand what it does well today and what it would need to do well in the future in order to achieve its strategic goals.

Compression Planning Sessions Using Storyboards   

Storyboarding is a practical, powerful tool for promoting original and effective thinking.  Storyboarding is used for strategic planning, policy development, and goal setting.  We can help your organization reach its potential by facilitating this innovative planning process for you.

Effective Meeting and Retreat Facilitation   

Why use a facilitator? If a strategic planning or team meeting is important enough for your key people to devote their time to it, you deserve a neutral facilitator to ensure your meeting flows smoothly, everyone participates and difficult decisions are made. A good facilitator keeps the discussion focused, on track and on time, teases out diverse opinions and ensures everyone is able to interact constructively.

Individual and Team Development Using Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® 

We use the MBTI for individuals and teams.  For individuals we usually administer and interpret it with our coaching clients or as a part of our organizational consulting work.  For teams, we have an interactive, practical workshop involving participants in a variety of activities designed to help them see the strengths of their own and others' personalities. 

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