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Mike Herrlein

Mike Herrlein is a consultant and facilitator. His 25 years of leadership experience in a large, multi-faceted public organization -- the City of Dayton -- combined with more than a decade of providing consulting services in both the public and private sectors have given him the skills and experience your organization needs.


Mike specializes in Organization Assessment using Organization Architect® tools, Strategic Planning, and Group Process Facilitation. He utilizes the Compression Planning storyboard process for conducting highly focused productive meetings. He is a Qualified Administrator of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, the Institute for Personality and Ability Testing (16PF), and other assessment instruments.


He is a founding member of Michael Herrlein & Associates, an alliance of independent professionals working together to help organizations shape the future.


Mike has an undergraduate degree in Communications/Sociology and a graduate degree in Psychotherapy, and has taught at the university level. He has studied with Warren Bennis, Stephen Covey, Otto Kroeger, and Edgar Schein, the Albert Einstein School of Medicine, Cape Cod Institute, and Kepner-Tregoe Problem-Solving/Decision.

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