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Our clients

Ohio Association of Community Health Center

Facilitate a two-day planning retreat which produces a three-year strategic plan.

City of West Hollywood, California

Design and implement a leadership development program for over sixty city staff to ensure management succession.


Strategic planning process leads to the restructuring of a 30-year-old organization into two distinct regional corporations: BizCap and The Housing Source.

Public Retirement Alternatives

Voluntary early retirement incentive/severance programs allow local jurisdictions to " rightsize" without the pain associated with reductions in staffing.

City of Fairborn, Ohio 

Create a hybrid economic development/comprehensive plan.

BHDP Architecture 

Facilitate executive retreat and strategic planning.

City of Monroe, Ohio 

Create a new Customer Relationship Management function within the City organization.

City of Dublin, Ohio

Two-year role as lead for organization development within a rapidly growing cutting-edge community.

City of trotwood fire levy

Facilitate community awareness sessions in support of the fire levy.

Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati 

Development of cross-department Task Teams to implement MSD Strategic Plan.

Oregon District Business Association 

Eighteen stakeholders, including community organizations. The business district partners with the City of Dayton, recasts itself as the Oregon Arts District.

Village of Waynesville, Ohio 

Create an inventory of Village services and define staff responsibilities.

Community Improvement Corporation of Greenville, Ohio

Craft a strategic plan which defines CIC roles and responsibilities.

Cox Arboretum

Design and lead a strategic planning process to identify and define the Barbara Cox Anthony Center for Sustainable Horticulture

Grow Piqua Now and the City of Piqua, Ohio 

Conduct economic development planning.

City of Fairborn, Ohio

Conduct a strategic retreat for City Council and executive staff.


Facilitate customer focus groups to define new service initiatives.

City of Dayton Environmental Management 

Strategic and action planning for environmental protection initiatives.

Downtown Miamisburg, Inc. 

Strategic planning process with additional key stakeholders.

City of Monroe, Ohio 

Development of a comprehensive business planning structure based on Strategic Plan, including individual department business plans.

City of piqua, ohio

Conduct strategic planning for the City Manager's staff.

Preservation Dayton, Inc.

Six months, 12 member planning team plus community stakeholder session PDI reinvents itself as a major project development entity.

City of West Hollywood, California

Executive Retreat responds to new challenges of a maturing city and leadership succession.

City of Monroe, Ohio

Fourteen member stakeholder team. Monroe re-brands itself as a '21st Century Community'.

Affiliate Society of Scientists and Engineers

Annual conference: "Successful Lifelong Learning" workshop.

Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity [University of Dayton]

Visioning goal setting officer transition twenty college-age members plus other stakeholders​. ​

City of Dublin, Ohio 

Facilitate an eight-year Strategic Plan developed by twenty-one member executive team​​.

Montgomery County Office of Emergency Management EMA Advisory Board

Homeland Security issues, fifty area Fire and Police chiefs.

Butler Township [Ohio] Strategic Plan 

Ten-member internal/external planning team over sixty community participants.

Dayton Playhouse

Twelve participants in  one weekend  create a long-term strategic plan.

Miami Valley Fire/EMS Alliance Strategic Plan 

Area Fire and Police chiefs.

City of Dayton, Ohio "Dayton Tomorrow" 

1,500 community participants; eleven facilitators. Five-year strategic plan.

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Ohio Association of Community Health Center

Facilitate a two-day planning retreat which produces a three-year strategic plan.

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